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Cisco CCVP Certification Package

اسطوانات تعليمية لشرح CCVP تحتوى على شرح  للكورسات التالية
•Exam-Pack 642-436: CVOICE 6.0 Cisco Voice over IP
•Exam-Pack 642-426: TUC Troubleshooting Cisco Unified Communications Systems
•Exam-Pack 642-446: CIPT1 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 1
•Exam-Pack 642-456: CIPT2 Implementing Cisco Unified Communications Manager Part 2
•Exam-Pack 642-642: QOS Quality of Service


Cisco CCVP Certification Package
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Genre: Video Training



What You'll Learn

Video 1: Introduction to Quality of Service|34:48
Video 2: The Cisco MQC Building Blocks|27:31
Video 3: Classification and Marking (Part 1)|38:01
Video 4: Classification and Marking (Part 2)|46:34
Video 5: Congestion Management: Concepts and Design|33:00
Video 6: Congestion Management: Implementation|36:03
Video 7: Congestion Avoidance: WRED|38:34
Video 8: Link Efficiency Tools|34:54
Video 9: Implementing QoS on Catalyst Switches|39:08
Video 10: Traffic Policing|35:04
Video 11: Traffic Shaping|41:38
Video 12: Proactive QoS - Tapping the Features of SAA|29:26
Video 13: The Big Picture: QoS Design Strategies|37:45
Video 14: The Magic of AutoQoS|22:10
Video 15: IP Telephony: Cisco Certification and Getting the Most from this Series|23:08

With every new program, there is typically an included "Read Me First" text file. In the same sense,consider this nugget the "Watch Me First" of the series. This nugget presents the strategies you can use for getting the most from the series, changes to the Cisco certification program, and the ideal lab equipment to use for the series.

Video 16: Foundations: Troubleshooting Cisco Voice|35:55

Moving into a realm of troubleshooting requires a big picture perspective and plan. This nugget discusses the broad areas of troubleshooting on the voice network and the systematic process used to work through the issues you may encounter.

Video 17: Foundations: Gathering Troubleshooting Information|35:46

Cisco includes many troubleshooting tools with the CallManager platform. In this nugget, Jeremy walks through many of the tools you have at your disposal for troubleshooting .........................

Video 113: IPT Security: Implementing CUCM Security|44:34

Now that you have the security concepts mastered, it's time to apply those concepts to your UCUM environment. In this nugget, Jeremy discusses the areas of security that need to be addressed in a Cisco VoIP environment, the methods used to address those areas, and the base configuration of CUCM security measures.


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