Friday, December 17, 2010 | By: Dalia

Types of Computer Certifications

دليل لأهم الشهادات التقنية

CompTIA: A+ Certification

This is an entry level certification designed to provide competence across popular vendors like IBM, HP, Intel and Microsoft. It is a test of overall knowledge in hardware and operating systems. The skills are installation, configuring, fixing, upgrading and troubleshooting personal computers.

CompTIA: Network+

This certification is vendor neutral credential for networking hardware and architecture.

CompTIA: i-Net+

It is foundation Level competency in Internet, Intranet, Extranet technologies. It covers security and web site creation as well.

Cisco Certified Network Associate: CCNA

This Cisco Certification deals with LAN/WAN and related services of 100 nodes or less.

Cisco Certified Design Associate: CCDA

This Cisco Certification involves routing and switched Network infrastructures.

Cisco Certified Security Professional: CCSP

Cisco Certification that deals with security in VPN and integrated network security.

Cisco Certified: CCNP

Cisco Certification for network and system administrators for LAN/WAN

Cisco Certified Internet work Professional: CCIP

Complete knowledge of IP technologies. Deals with BGP and MPLS as well

Cisco Certified Design Professional: CCDP

Cisco Certification for advanced Networking concepts in routing and switching for LAN’s/WAN’s

Cisco Certified Voice Professional: CCVP

IP telephony Network is the scope of this Cisco Certification.

Cisco Certified InterNet work Expert: CCIE

An expert in routing switching, communication, security and voice over network

Cisco’s: Wireless LAN certifications

This covers design, deployment and maintenance of wireless networks

· Cisco Wireless LAN Design Specialist

· Cisco Wireless LAN Support Specialist

· Cisco Wireless LAN Sales Specialist

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: MCSE

This is a Microsoft certification for design and maintenance Microsoft based Operating systems. MCSE certification is specific to network operating systems like MCSE 2000 is for Windows 2000 and MCSE 2003 for MS server 2003

Microsoft Certified System Administrator: MCSA

This credential is for administration of Windows 2000, windows server 2003 networks and trouble shooting.

Certified Wireless Networking Expert (CWNE)

This credential is for advanced skills in wireless LAN’s

Sun Certified Systems Administrator: SCSA

Its credentials are for UNIX and Sun Solaris operating system environment.

Sun Certified Network Administrator: SCNA

This is related to the Sun Solaris Operating System Environment and is an advanced level certification after having completed SCSA

Other Major Certifications

.Nortel Networks Certified Design Specialist (NNCDS)

· Nortel Networks Certified Support Specialist (NNCSS)

· Nortel Networks Certified Design Expert (NNCDE)

· Nortel Networks Certified Support Expert (NNCSE)

· Nortel Networks Certified Architect (NNCA)

· Enterasys Specialist (ES)

· Enterasys Systems Engineer (ESE)

· Enterasys Security Systems Engineer (ESSE)

· Enterasys Certified Internetworking Engineer (ECIE)

· Certified Novell Administrator : CAN

· Certified Novell Engineer : CNE